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Hey everybody, I will share a fascinating piece on the catalytic converter scrap price used in your car. It will be a hell of a ride, so buckle your seat belts, and let’s start.

Catalytic Converter Scrap Value By Serial Number

The catalytic converter is equipped in your car with a primary function to transform the harmful compounds from an engine’s emissions into safe gases, like steam. It is one of the most precious parts present in your car, with a skyrocketing scrap value. The catalytic converter is made from valuable and rare to find metals like palladium, platinum, and rhodium. Thus, it has a humungous scrap value.

When looking to scrap your catalytic converter to sell it, it’s helpful to know its worth.

Let’s dig deep and determine the free catalytic converter scrap value by serial number. Utilizing the information, you can determine your catalytic converter’s value and negotiate a far better price when selling it. I will also add the catalytic converters with the best value and specific tips for getting more money while selling a damaged catalytic converter.

How to Find The Serial Number for Selling Catalytic Converter? 

Emphasizing the significance of the serial number is crucial when selling your catalytic converter and maximizing its value. It’s important to note that the location and markings of the serial number vary across different car manufacturers.

For example, VW and Audi tend to have their serial number near the engraved logo, whereas Chrysler and Dodge mention it near the edge of the converter.

Unfortunately, finding the serial number can often be a tedious task. Therefore, I’ve provided a guide below on locating the serial number for various car brands. You’ll typically be searching for a combination of etched letters or numbers.

Location of Catalytic Converter Serial Number 


The catalytic converters made by Ford have larger etchings than those of other manufacturers, and the serial number can be found on the converter. This serial number is typically a 10-12 digit, such as 4A61-6X511-PR.


Regardless of whether you own a Chevy, GMC, or Cadillac, General Motors marks their catalytic converters using the same method across all of its brands. Typically, the plate on the converter will display a serial code consisting of eight numbers.


Volkswagen has a unique way of marking its catalytic converters compared to other brands. The converter is typically labeled with numbers and one to three letters, separated by spaces. For instance, it’s common to see a label like this – 7C2 422 705 A.


Chrysler and Dodge do not follow a standardized method for marking their catalytic converters. Nevertheless, with careful observation, the serial number can be found at the edge of the converter. It could be a combination of letters and numbers, like BLLK524BCA, or it could be as simple as 7C.


Hyundai and Kia are sister companies, so their catalytic converters are usually marked similarly. The serial number on the converter in both brands typically consists of three to ten characters. However, in some cases, the serial number could include a combination of letters and numbers, such as CBA to PTGG 14.

How to Look For Catalytic Converter Scrap Value By Serial Number | Free Catalytic Converter Price Lookup

An array of online databases is specially made for finding catalytic converter scrap values by feeding the serial number. If you don’t have the serial number, it is possible to use a mobile app or website to upload a picture of the catalytic converter and get the approximate worth. 

Enter The Serial Number On An Online Database

Once you have the cat’s serial number, the second step is to enter it into the online portal to search for its scrap value. So assuming you own a Kia Seltos, looking for its converter’s scrap value is pretty straightforward using online databases like Converterdatabase and EcoCat. They both are available in App and Website format, whatever you’re comfortable with.

The EcoCat app is not free, and you have to buy a monthly subscription to use it, but you can use it for absolutely no cost if you do only one search per day.

Be Well Informed 

When selling your scrap catalytic converter, it’s common to receive varying quotes instead of a few consistent offers within the same price range. The recycling process for catalytic converters is complex, contributing to the price fluctuation.

Additionally, prices can differ from country to country due to variations in manufacturing processes and the chemical composition of the converters.

For instance, the buyer of your converter may not sell it directly to a customer but instead sell it to another buyer until it reaches a specialized cluster. Each stage in the process incurs an additional cost, as everyone involved aims to make a profit.

First-time sellers may struggle to receive a fair and competitive price compared to experienced sellers. Therefore, it’s crucial to establish a relationship with the buyer first.

What Affects Catalytic Converter Value 

An essential factor determining how much is a catalytic converter worth is its composition of rare metals. The assortment of different metals is what makes catalytic converters valuable in the first place. The more high-value materials your converter has, the more price it will be sold for.

The price keeps changing depending on the current market value of the metals. The frequent changes mean you must be patient when turning your converter in. Sometimes, holding it for a little longer might get you a much better price.

Another price-indicating factor for the catalytic converter is the condition. If it is working fine, you will get significantly more than selling one chipped or broken.

Some states in the US will pay more compared to others, depending on the per capita income of the particular part of the country.

Scrap Catalytic Converters Price List

The below free catalytic converter scrap price guide table has been assembled after extensive research and dozens of hours of work. It should give you a clear idea of how much are catalytic converters worth.

 Brand Scrap Price
Euro 4 High Performance $60
Malibu Legal Lacrosse $80
Large Chrysler $100
Air Tube $100
Direct-fit Mitsubishi Outlander 3 $100
Regular PRE $100
Small Flow $150
SE Low $190
AC/Thin Pipe BL $190
Standard Domestic $59-$230
GM medium $75-$180
High-grade Domestic $280
Foreign Small $87-$230
GM $320
SE 5 Line $340
BL Thick Pipe $350
Foreign medium $150-$390
SE medium $390
XBody $400
SE 6 Line $440
XL Foreign $590
SE High Grade $870

Note: The catalytic converter scrap price may sometimes vary, but I’m sure the number wouldn’t differ greatly.

Highest Catalytic Converter Values

Certain vehicles are renowned for having catalytic converters with higher values. Here are some examples of cars that typically command top dollar.

Car Make and Model
Value of Catalytic Converter
Ferrari F430 $3,500
Lamborghini Aventador $6,400 (contains 2)
RAM 2500 $3,500
Ford F-250 $2,750
Ford Mustang $1,500

Owning one of these cars makes your catalytic converter a more attractive target for theft compared to others. Given the scrap value of these converters, the replacement cost is likely to be exorbitant.


Below are the frequently asked questions for finding catalytic converter scrap value by serial number. Let’s dig deep into the topic of catalytic converter price lookup.

What is a GM catalytic converter scrap value in dollar terms?

The scarp value of the GM catalytic converter will range from $150 to $250. A brand new catalytic converter will cost you somewhere around $1000.

What is the worth of a Ford catalytic converter scrap?

For a Ford catalytic converter scrap, you will get around $50.

Are diesel catalytic converters worth anything?

Most diesel catalytic converters don’t have much scrap value due to the absence of precious metals like palladium, rhodium, and platinum. However, some diesel cats are valuable, which might make you good money.

How catalytic converter prices are determined?

Catalytic converted have serial numbers encoded in them, which can help determine the current purchasing price of any particular converter. Experienced buyers will always ask you for the serial number for price estimates.

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