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In-depth details on gear & travel

About CarsCounsel

CarsCounsel is a company that specializes in auto repair, maintenance, and detailing services. Established to address the needs of vehicle owners, CarsCounsel offers a range of services designed to keep cars running smoothly and looking their best.

The company’s core services include routine maintenance such as oil changes, brake repairs, tyre rotations, and engine diagnostics. Additionally, CarsCounsel provides more extensive repair services, covering everything from transmission repairs to electrical system troubleshooting.

The detailing services ensure vehicles are mechanically sound and visually appealing, with options like interior cleaning, exterior polishing, and protective coatings.

david lawrence founder of carscounsel
About Founder

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David’s interest in vehicles was nurtured from a young age, growing up in a family of mechanics and off-road enthusiasts. His deep knowledge of car modifications, off-roading techniques, and automotive engineering has made him a trusted resource for experienced car owners and newcomers to the 4×4 adventure world.

Actively involved in the off-road community, David organizes and participates in various events, workshops, and meetups.

He has also shared his expertise through contributions to leading automotive forums, magazines, and online platforms, providing valuable insights on optimizing car vehicles for off-road expeditions and everyday use.

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